On September 27th, we celebrated the 4oth year serving Sacramento!

Great friends, co-workers, family, clients, and the Chamber of Commerce were all in attendance.  It was a beautiful day, full of laughter and wonderful music by Shelley burns and Avalon Swing. People walked about enjoying the flowing drinks, large arrangement of food, free massages and even a decadent white chocolate fountain! The day created some of the best memories to date!

Overall it was a great success! Especially seeing some of our favorite people leave in hand with amazing prizes! The raffle we held had some of the best prizes Sacramento had to offer, from gift certificates to Fat’s restaurant and Red Lobster to a select choice of live orchid and plant arrangements.

So here is a special thanks to all who came! And for the rest of you Sacramento, we’ll save you a seat for next year!

Don’t forget to take a look what magic we created!




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