Create a day to remember with the help of Exotic Plants.

Being “green”, reducing costs, or bringing life to an indoor space – these are just some of the reasons brides and grooms are choosing to use living plants and blooming flowers for their wedding decor. In fact, it’s one of the wedding trends for 2013.  Living plants can be used instead of, or along with cut flowers for table centerpieces, as well as for large scale ceremony and/or reception decor, as was most evident at the royal wedding, where huge trees lined the aisle leading to the altar.

Using living plants opens up a whole new set of options for your floral and decor design. It’s a perfect way to make your day stand out as unique.

Exotic Plants in Sacramento has a large showroom bursting with possibilities for you to either purchase or rent. Vibrant orchids, elegant trees, lush palms, exotic bromeliads, just to name a few. Their wedding experts can provide suggestions to fulfill your needs, and maybe offer some that you haven’t even thought of.

From simple to sublime, with Exotic Plants’ individual approach to your special day, your wedding becomes a story, one told for years to come.



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