Plant of the Week: The fiddle leaf fig

Among all of our various plants we have in stock, it’s been our Fiddle Leaf Fig that has risen to great heights – in popularity that is. This little character has been making big statements around the Sacramento area which is why we are giving it another slot in the spot light as our plant of the week.

The fiddle leaf fig is not your average modern, trend setting plant – it actually does wonders for your environment!

Did you know that Benzene and Formaldehyde are some of the most common chemicals found in a home or office? And even most air purifiers can’t get them out fully! Hence why this fiddle plays a different tune. Not only is it stunning but has the ability to rid those nasty chemicals and replace it with clean, crisp air. The great thing is – no air filter or electricity required! Just some good ol fashion sunlight and water! Who knew, huh?

Best of all, since it’s from Exotic Plants, you know the quality is top notch  (We don’t supply anything less). We treat our plants with as much love and care from the time they are a seedling to your home! So when you buy a fiddle leaf from us you’ll have the peace of mind that you will have a happy, long living plant!

Care to know more about the Fiddle Leaf Fig? Give us a call we would love to help you out!

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